I have 2 children at Carriage House Preschool- one in the 3-year old class and one in the 4-year old class, and our children absolutely LOVE going to school! Ms. Jamie is teaching them crucial math and reading foundational skills, but she does it in a fun way, where her students learn through play and student dialogue. My children are becoming problem solvers and thinkers, and most importantly, they are gaining a love of learning. THE BEST PRESCHOOL EVER! 🙂


We love Carriage House! Mrs. Jamie is amazing. Our daughter looks forward to going each week and is always wondering what will she learn next. She has grown so much this year in her writing and reading skills. It has been fun to watch the process. We love how Mrs. Jamie sees what makes each child tick and is able to nurture and help them develop on their own levels. Our son will definitely be heading there this next year!

Leigh Ann

Mrs. Jamie is a true gift to our family. Our 4 year old has shown such tremendous growth since beginning at Carriage House Preschool. He looks forward to going to school, cannot wait to share what he learned each class time, and enthusiastically embraces new challenges. When he started at Carriage House a mere 5 months ago, he had not yet mastered his ABCs or 123s, yet now he is phonemically aware, segmenting words into their individual sounds, starting to read, AND not only working on counting by 10s to 100, but he can count groups of objects using 1-1 correspondence like a champ thanks to Mrs. Jamie’s MOVE IT TO PROVE IT method for counting! Mrs. Jamie is the epitome of a great educator. She recognizes each child is unique, with varying learning styles, and ensures every child learns and develops skills to succeed in school. Our child’s confidence is starting to soar for the first time! Mrs. Jamie does a phenomenal job communicating with families about what is being taught, as well as what can be done to further perpetuate learning at home. She provides handwritten feedback each class sharing with us how our child’s day was at school, including the areas in which he shined and showed progress and what he will continue to work on. Her level of support is unparalleled. The small class size at Carriage House Preschool creates a warm and friendly environment for children to feel safe and nurtured as they learn and grow. Mrs. Jamie is truly one in a million and our family feels incredibly fortunate to have found Carriage House Preschool.


“I can’t recommend Ms. Jamie enough for the amazing job that she does.  My 3 year old came in not knowing her letters and within a month she was not only recognizing the letters and giving me the sounds they made but she was also writing them!  Ms. Jamie creates a unique atmosphere where my daughter feels loved, has fun and also is truly preparing for school. My daughter loves going and can’t wait to get to preschool.”


“Ms. Jamie is SO much more than I ever could have imagined a preschool teacher to be.  She has a unique ability to have the children think they are playing all day but really they are learning through play and because of that, my daughter retained everything she was taught. The Carriage House Preschool is such a warm, welcoming and loving place which makes for a remarkable learning environment.  Ms. Jamie show so much love for my daughter and puts her whole heart and soul into my daughter’s education.  I have been amazed at how well The teaching methods used at The Carriage House Preschool cater specifically to each child’s learning level and to different learning style.  I want to shout my love for this school from the rooftops and wish that every child could have the chance to attend this preschool.  I couldn’t be more grateful that my daughter did.”